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ALC Becomes Adstra, Establishing A New Standard In Data Orchestration

18 Jun 2020

ALC, recognized as a leader in first-party consumer data products and services, today announced a new branding and go-to-market approach as Adstra, the first Data Bureau designed to help marketers orchestrate the application of data to all dimensions of their efforts. Adstra is built for agility, extensibility, and cost-effectiveness, encompassing first-party data acquisition and enhancement, identity resolution and validation, privacy insights, audience segmentation and monetization.

Adstra’s mission is to disrupt and overcome the economic and technological barriers to the broader application of data to marketing. As the first ever Data Bureau, Adstra provides safe, compliant, portable and cost-efficient access to any form of marketing data, combined with any form of identity and any form of applied analytics. With the ability to transform identity from one media to another, Adstra can orchestrate consistent messaging at an individual level. Adstra gives marketers real time access to data in all mediums, with the option to operate in either Adstra’s environment or behind their company’s firewall. No other data provider bridges the gaps between PII and anonymized data with the same speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and frictionless portability across all media.

“We are on a mission to transform into a new kind of identity and data solutions provider. Data has become a critical ingredient in every form of marketing and advertising, and yet it is still not being used to inform most marketing and advertising decisions and the current economics do not allow for flexible use,” said Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra. “That’s because legacy data companies are dependent on an outdated business model that makes wider data adoption cost-prohibitive for marketers and prevents them from further realizing its benefits.”

Adstra’s capabilities include:

• Adstra Link2MeID: A persistent person ID that links the known and anonymous realms. • Adstra Graph: A people-based identity graph, built on cloud-based technology, that links 1st and 2nd party data with brands and advertising partners. • Adstra Privacy Insights: Helping companies improve data governance and comply with new privacy standards through deep regulatory expertise. • Cost-efficient delivery: Flexible and value-based pricing models that allow for portability of data across media channels. • Cross-functional interoperability: Adstra complements and supercharges any existing data infrastructure, enabling more effective orchestration between its various parts. • Continuity on existing lines of business: Adstra continues to provide robust digital audiences, data acquisition and monetization solutions.

“The market has seen tremendous innovation with cloud based marketing technologies - all are places to organize information once you have it. But you still need that information connected to points of activation,” said Andy Johnson, CDO at Adstra. “Adstra’s mission is to orchestrate and harmonize that information so that these systems can perform even better at deploying it to marketing channels. As a Data Bureau, our new solution is purpose-built for this function.”

Founded in 1978, Adstra grew to become one of the industry's leading privately-held providers of first-party data services. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey—and with offices across the United States —the company enabled its roster of clients in virtually every business sector to grow and improve bottom-line profitability through the innovative use of marketing information. Hundreds of Fortune 500 brands and their partners have relied on Adstra to improve their customer acquisition, retention and growth.